Girls Power Fund
A platform for empowering young females to fulfil their potential. We provide trainings and community support in STEM, entrepreneurship and mental health.
700+ high school students enrolled in our programs
20+ guest lectures, hackathons and trainings
Needs assessment approach
Our programs are based on qualitative and quantitative data

Media mentions

The CEO of Girls Power fund Dinara Auyelbekova was selected as an Obama Scholar at Columbia University. This is a competitive and prestigious program for emerging leaders all over the world. She is the one and only graduate of this program from the CIS region.

Our programs
Girls in STEM
Girl in Stem is a 5 day intensive training where girls made their first Instagram masks, websites and learnt about animation and coding.
According to feedback from participants, they found it useful and sparked their interest to pursue careers in STEM because of support and inspiration from the mentors and trainers.
Supported by: Nazarbayev University alumni union

Course on design thinking

Arduino course
Online course on design thinking for 5o girls from the regions of Kazakhstan which was followed by 1-day offline workshop in Taraz.
During the course girls learnt how to use design thinking to solve problems based on case studies of IBM, Netflix and Uber. During the workshop participants presented their projects on how to increase the number of tourists in the industry and help high schoolers to choose careers.

Supported by: US Embassy in Kazakhstan

Case competition
We provided online course for 40 students from all over Kazakhstan on how to solve cases to enter international finance companies such as BIG 4. Girls increased their confidence and improved their skills in solving cases. Participants of the course were later winning national case competitions from companies such as Accenture and received an offer from Astana International Exchange.

Supported by: USAID
We conducted a quantitative research study to find out what hinders girls from the regions to participate in civil society projects. We surveyed 196 girls and the result of the study showed that main barriers are fear, lack of information and lack of support.

Supported by: Innovation for Change
This program was held for 100 young women in Zhezkazgan city to improve their skills in web design, pitching and project management.

At the end of the trainings participants presented their projects and were awarded with prizes.

Supported by: UNDP Kazakhstan

We sent 40 Arduino kits to the girls in regions of Kazakhstan and provided online course on how to build projects with this kit. At the end of the course girls presented their ideas which included smart watches for people with Alzheimer’s syndrome, electronic piano, and bracelet for people with visual impairment. The best projects were awarded with small grants for buying additional equipment.

Supported by: Eurasia Foundation

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We work with corporations to help them deliver their corporate social responsibility strategy.
Local NGOs
We partner with nonprofits and foundations to deliver projects focused on girls and young women empowerment
International NGOs
We create and deliver tailored programs for the International NGOs from ideation to implementation
Our team
  • Bermet Kerimkyzy
    Project Manager
    is the materials engineer in Italy. She is a recipient of Erasmus Mundus scholarship and works as a project manager for the fund.
  • Dinara Auyelbekova
    is the first Obama Scholar at Columbia University from the Post-soviet region. She has a 5-year experience of managing social projects. She also works as a mentor and consultant on project management for young leaders
  • Sagadat Tolembay
    Social Media Manager
    student at Nazarbayev University. Sagadat works on creating content and moderating guest lectures in Kazakh language.
  • Aruzhan Nurmakhanova
    Social Media Manager
    SMM specialist and a feminist columnist. works on creating content and moderating guest lectures in Russian language.


We accept donations to help us sustain our operations and create more programs for the girls.
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